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It’s just smart. The conversations move along and just are pleasant as they are intelligent

Must Listen!

Great and genuine podcast for any fan of politics. Not only is it a fun listen, it’s also pretty informative. Whenever I watch seminars and or listen to other podcasts about political campaigns, there’s always a moment where I say to myself “I already heard that on Now More Than Ever!”

My favorite podcast 🔥

A refreshingly smart and funny show with a wide range of topics and intriguing guests. Check these guys out!!


The Chairman & Chris Krauth are bringing real life information about not only politics but media, music and other real life experiences!!!!!!!

Great podcast for a multitude of intersections topics!

This podcast covers everything and there is never a dull moment.

Great podcast!

Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

Top Notch

I enjoy the show and the quality of guests! Keep it up!!

A fun listen!!! 🙌🏻

Enjoyed this! Very entertaining

Awesome Show

Very insightful and witty discussions about everything from music to history to current events. Not to mention funny! Highly recommend!

Entertaining and Interesting.

Worth a listen. Entertaining content between two friends with awesome guests on the podcast.

Great Guy! Great Show!

David Mowery is well seasoned in the politics of politics! Great show!

Oh, it goot!

...real goot!

Fun and informative

The Chairman’s panel is always a “must see” on the conference and award circuit. Now you can get his charm and expertise delivered directly to your phone. Witty banter that rivals any Sorkin project. Not too many cooks on this podcast. Enjoy!

Campaigning and other more weird stuff

This podcast feels like your sitting at a table BSing with your friends...and then all of a sudden a super smart person walks into the room and a terrific conversation breaks out. Could be about politics, music, books, or just general topical stuff. Dave and Chris are very relatable as 40-something Dad’s and professionals just trying to make it in the ever changing landscape of WEIRD.

Hilarious banter and you might learn something without realizing it

This is basically a pod about what average men already discuss— but actually entertaining. The mix of guests pack a real punch too. They are the weirdest normal people you’ll listen to. And that’s why you’ll come back.

The only podcast I listen to

Before discovering Now More Than Ever, I never really cared about the entire genre of podcasts. But The Chairman and Chrid put it down where the goats can get it. 5 Stars!!