May 18, 2021

Bob Shrum Part 2

Bob Shrum Part 2

Bobby Loves Oatsie

Legendary political consultant and Director, The USC Center for The Political Future Bob Shrum keeps walking us through the history he continues to witness. 

Last episode, Bob took us from meeting then-Senator John F. Kennedy as a high school student volunteer for the 1960 Democratic National Convention, on up to hiding below the stage to make sure the TelePrompTer didn’t fail during Senator Ted Kennedy’s concession/retrenchment-as-elder-statesman “The Dream Will Never Die” speech at the 1980 Democratic Convention.

In Part Two, we talk about Ted Kennedy’s loyalty and how it manifested itself in the “veterans” of his office always coming to his aid, a vast swath of Governors, Senators, Mayors and other elected officials, Bob’s lowkey place in the pantheon of American gourmands, the continued need for good creative to do persuasion, and his deep and abiding love and admiration for his amazing wife Mary Louise Oates aka “Oatsie” – and her work in opening a homeless shelter in LA leads us back to that most southern thing of all: Football. It Just Means More!

Dave does one of his favorite things, and invites a famous and accomplished guest to come visit him in Alabama, with the promise of a dinner at a Frank Stitt restaurant. This will continue to be a bug, until someone takes him up on it, when it will become a feature.

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