Now More Than Ever

Now More Than Ever

Award winning political strategist, radio host, and CNN contributor Dave Mowery, and his longtime friend, collaborator and producer Chris Krauth have teamed up again for Now More Than Ever, a new podcast from Send The Food Back Media. Joined by occasional guests from the world of politics, media, music and real life, Now More Than Ever wants to explore not only the nuts and bolts of our professions, but also the journey. The unheard sound, the unlived life, but also the shared experiences that bind us all.

Recent Episodes

Joe Hagan: Vanity Fair Writer & Author of 'Sticky Fingers'

April 29, 2022

Joe Hagan is a writer for Vanity Fair. His reporting and writing have taken him from the jungles of Singapore to The 21 Club, and from “tanking” Beto O’Rourke’s announcement to sipping white wine poolside with Jann Wenner an…

Greg Bluestein: AJC Reporter & Author

April 1, 2022

Greg Bluestein is a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) an analyst for MSNBC and recently published the definitive book on the 2020 election in the state of Georgia - . He is also a friend of the show, a mens…

Governor Roy Barnes

March 11, 2022

Roy Barnes (D-Mableton) served as the 80th Governor of The State of Georgia from 1999-2003 Barnes is a 1970 graduate of 2021 College Football National Champions The University of Georgia and a 1972 graduate of 2021 College F…

Bonus: Cracker in Athens & Very Uninformed Takes on Ukraine

March 7, 2022

This weekend the boys headed up to their ancestral home of Athens, GA to see Ike Reilly and Cracker, and were met with a whole galaxy of characters. plus Very Uninformed Takes on the Russia-Ukraine situation.

Welcome To Season 2

March 1, 2022

For our first Episode of Season 2, we spend some time talking about the mess at Auburn, our upcoming guests and YOUR College Football National Champion University of Georgia Football Bulldawgs. And by popular demand, we turn…

Bonus: RIP Mark Lanegan

Feb. 23, 2022

Way back when in 2020, we reviewed Mark's book, Sing Backwards & Weep, reposted here along with our condolences. Rest In Power to a True Seether King!

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